To Infinity and Beyond

This morning, I made a grave mistake of only having coffee as opposed to eating a proper breakfast.  That could explain the tingling in my fingers.  😉  But I’m too excited to pull myself away from the computer just yet…

I put in a good morning’s work on the LEC course that I’m facilitating starting Tuesday.  It’s to my own detriment that I’m a perfectionist, but I just like things to be perfect.  So, I spent the better part of this day revising and editing the various course pages.  However, I can’t get too attached to the revisions because I have a co-facilitator who needs to put her stamp on the course content as well.  Truth be told, it’s really hard for me to work with teams or other another individual because I have certain ways that I like to present information and it’s not the same with everyone.  And by no means am I implying that my way is the right way, I’m just sayin’ that it works for me.  Having 16 years of teaching under my belt, I’ve revised, revised, and revised again…so I’m at the point that I know what I want, what I like, and how I need things to be in order to be an effective teacher.

But I’m pleased with the course pages so far.  I stopped myself from revising EVERYTHING.  I completely finished Modules 1 and 2.  For the rest…I’m just waiting for approval from my co-facilitator and head program facilitator.  =)  And then there’s the rest of the LEC team that will eventually be using the course content.  Hmmmmm, I hope that they like it.  I was just going for clarity and consistency.

Having logged my hours and description of time spent on the Work Log, I then turned my attention to a course proposal for the department of education.  I’m proposing a series of courses which will introduce teachers to the various Web 2.0 tools that they could (easily) integrate into their curriculum to foster collaboration, support differentiation, and add rigor.  I hope that the Powers-that-Be like my proposal because I’m very excited to offer this to teachers.  I mean, I’d rather be teaching these courses through a university…and who knows?  Maybe that opportunity will come sooner than later.  One can only hope.  😉

And now, it’s time for me to drop off the grid for a bit.  I’ve had an incredibly productive two days and though I’m excited and inspired…I’m also beat.

Learning Curve

So today I had a crash course in how to use the Angel LMS. I learned how to edit pages, add discussion threads, set up a gradebook…it was a bit confusing at first but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Angel even allows users to view the site in a simpler format for mobile devices. Sweet!

The reason for the crash course is because I’m scheduled to teach the first round of teachers enrolled in the LEC course. I’m very excited to see how this rolls out. But I’d be lying if I said everything was to my liking. Let’s just say that I’m a pretty particular person, so I have issues when things aren’t up to my ridiculously high standards. It’s a weakness, I’ll admit. I stress over things way too much. But when things are “just right”…I’m a happy camper.

More to come….