Consulting Services

#fangirl moment with George Couros at CUE Conference.

If you haven’t read his book Innovator’s Mindset, please put that on your list!

I am a by-product of a VERY large village who has lovingly mentored me throughout my educational journey.

I am happy to provide support for your educational and learning needs.

Learning Strategy

As a Learning Strategist, I will…

  • Conduct needs assessment to determine gaps between instructional practices and desired learning outcomes and collaboratively develop an intervention to address the gap(s)
  • Advise clients on learning theories and strategies that best support the vision and mission statements of an organization
  • Develop professional learning programs to help clients acquire desired skills and knowledge

Learning/Instructional Design

As a Learning/Instructional Designer, I will…

  • Design a professional learning program to help teachers integrate technology into instructional practices
  • Develop online/blended courses that can be delivered synchronously or asynchronously
  • Design courses and modules to be delivered in a learning management system
  • Design curriculum, including scope & sequence and deliverables
  • Design and conduct formative and summative assessments
  • Provide support for technology device (i.e., MacBooks, iPads, Chromebooks) management and protocols
  • Mentor (coach) teachers and administrators new to technology integration
  • Write a technology plan that aligns with short-and long-term goals of your institution or organization


As a Researcher, I will…

  • Research and write literature reviews
  • Conduct process and outcome evaluations of current programs and initiatives
  • Design and facilitate an intervention to address gaps in skills or knowledge
  • Conduct qualitative data analysis

Training/Professional Development

As a Trainer/Professional Developer, I will…

  • Design and deliver training in the following areas:
    • Integrating technology to support meaningful learning
    • Differentiating curriculum for special education, gifted, and English language learners
    • Incorporating critical thinking skills and creativity into instructional design
    • Reading, writing, listening, speaking, and digital literacy skills
  • Facilitate 1:1 or small group support sessions for teachers new to the profession