Come ON!!!

Okay, I get it…my students need to learn how to troubleshoot and problem-solve. Done. My students need to learn that they need to breathe before their lose their minds. For the most part done. My students need to be able to save their hard work, especially if they worked solidly for 30 minutes. Not even close.

I am not sure what is going on…but the tech issues are starting to get really old. It’s taking the steam out of our engines and robbing my students and me from the joy that we should be able to experience watching the work in progress. Are you kidding me?! If I didn’t work at a Title I school…if more of my students had access to a computer and the Internet at home…this would not be such a big issue. But it is. It’s a very BIG issue.

We only have two more days with the mobile laptop cart…my students have been working diligently after school…sometimes staying as late as 4PM. Two more days……I hope that there is enough patience to go around. There is NO way that I could use the mobile laptops with my students on a daily basis. I need a break from the tech issues just to regroup and regain my sanity.

On a more positive note…progress on the glogs continue and I’m very pleasantly surprised! My kids finally have a chance to show their creative side. Is it worth getting even more behind in the pacing? Absolutely. Authentic, meaningful learning activities are worth every moment that we lose in the pacing.

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