Lion. Argh!

So…I was anxiously awaiting the release of Lion, reading the rumors, the early kudos.  I waited for the first musings from fellow Mac users who jumped in first.  I watched all of the videos…read all of the information…and I was finally ready to download the software from the App store.

I was eagerly waiting for the download to start.  I didn’t bother to check my system requirements for I have had no problems upgrading my OS every time there was a new release.  So imagine my surprise when after clicking the button to download, this message suddenly appears…

Oh, so many emotions, but none of them joyous were swirling around my mind.  Could it be so?  I am left behind in the Mac community?  But I’m so loyal.  A firm proponent of all things Mac.  Argh!  How unfair!  First I find that my printer doesn’t support AirPrint which means I can’t print from my iPhone or iPad and now this?  What is this world coming to?  How technology has so easily forgotten those who are its most ardent of followers!

 Well, you know what this means?  Not only am I now in the market for a new printer, but a new computer as well.  Well done, Apple.  Your marketing strategy has further solidified job security for your crew…and a further monetary commitment from me.  But you’ll have to wait a bit longer, for I’m not done being mad at you yet.

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