DropBox vs. iDisk

I’ve had a DropBox account for about a year now (I like to sign up for things and then marinate on them for bit)…but I recently had to put that into practice.  As an ardent fan of everything Mac, I didn’t see the need to actually use DropBox before in spite of all the accolades from fellow colleagues and tech geeks, like myself.  MobileMe’s iDisk worked just fine for me and it was integrated into one place – mail, calendar, contacts, storage…what would I need DropBox for?

Well, I still don’t need DropBox (yet), but I friend of mine wanted to show me some pictures that he sent to his family and the easiest way for me to see them was via a link to a folder in his DropBox account.  So, I downloaded the application onto my computer…I’ve had the app on the iPad since April.  The only file on there (so far) is my case study that I wrote for my thesis.  It was my little attempt to test the waters of this program.  It seemed to work.

But I love MobileMe.  I love iDisk.  I have so many files – work, school, business, and personal – on there.  But when MobileMe is eliminated to make room for iCloud…I’m going to have to figure out what I’m going to do.  I guess for now, it looks like DropBox might work, but I’m hoping that I can find the cloud storage that I’m used to (and need) with iCloud.  I’m not making any decisions or assumptions right now…it’s just something that is continuing to marinate.

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