My Big (Campus) Experiment

This whole flipping my lessons has kept me on my toes.  My video files are too large to post on my class website or Edmodo so I’ve resorted to putting them on YouTube.  The problem is that the students cannot access the videos because YouTube is blocked by my district and I still have about 30 students who don’t have any kind of Internet access at home so they have to be able to see the videos while at school.

Last night I decided to just jump in with both feet.  I haven’t had any time to explore My Big Campus except for the workshop I attended during ISTE.  But I figured…what the heck?  If the students are industrious enough, they will find the videos.

All I have to say is that I’m glad that MBC is pretty easy to use.  I’m not ready to chuck Edmodo since my students are already used to it.  Next semester maybe.  But next year for sure.  I think that MBC, because it better mimics a LMS as opposed to Edmodo, it will end up being more useful for what I have in store for my students.  =)

I’m excited.  I’m exhausted.  But I’m ready.

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