Digital Social Studies

One of my personal goals was to be published.  My work as a master’s student in the Ed Tech program at CSU Fullerton opened many doors for me to pursue my goal to publish in the academic world.

Though my first publication was technically last November (TechTrends), this book chapter was the first proposal that was accepted for publication.  The book chapter is titled “Wikis in Social Studies” which focuses on my work with wikis and my middle school students.  This was essentially my master’s project, but has blossomed into so much more.

I have used wikis with all of my students since 2008 with the exception of last semester.  With the integration of iPads and GAFE, I’ve moved what I used to do on the wiki to GoogleDocs.  Though it’s not as polished as the wiki pages, GoogleDocs is a bit easier to use on the iPads than wikis.  However, I haven’t completely closed the door on wikis.  I would like to still incorporate the use of wikis into my curriculum because the finished project looks great and we have the option to make it public or not.  Our GAFE accounts prohibit students and teachers from networking outside of our domain.    Sort of defeats the purpose of collaborative learning, no?

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