Bloom’s Taxonomy According to Seinfeld

I’m in the midst of planning PD sessions on tech tools and in my quest to fix the issue I’m having with GoogleDocs, I happened upon this nugget!  I’m not sure how the pathway to troubleshooting my GoogleDocs issue led me to YouTube, but there I landed…and there I proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes.  =)
As a long-time fan of Seinfeld, I enjoyed this video.  I only wish that I had seen this video several years back…for now those of us in the EdTech world are using Digital Bloom’s in which (though similar in skills) the terminology and highest tier differ. 
But I think that any teacher would find humor in this video.  If only PDs were as entertaining……on the other hand, if you’re not a Seinfeld fan, I suppose these clips might be lost on you.

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