Tech PD Marathon, Done.

Today marked the end of a marathon technology professional development week (for me)…with one more day for a couple of our teams.  Eight technology sessions ranging from Google Basics all the way to Power of the LMS, done…with one specific session devoted to Digital Literacy in the History Classroom (my personal fave).  The technology team (@ggusd712tech) at my district worked for two weeks during the summer, planning, revising, talking, rehashing all of the things that we thought would make a successful PD workshop for teachers eager to learn how to effectively and efficiently integrate technology into their classroom.
The range of attendees were from complete newbies to experienced tech-users.  It was my goal that teachers would leave our session with at least one thing they could apply to their classroom.  The feedback (both on the eval/GoogleForm and F2F) was positive.  So I think we may have hit our mark there!  =D
Now the true test will be…will the teachers be able to integrate one new technology tool?  The other test?  Can our district provide on-going PD to support their learning?  I will be anxiously awaiting the results…
I hope that these sessions start the crucial conversations that teachers and administrators need to have in order for us to move more fully into the 21st century learning environment…because we need those conversations and 1:1 access for every student.  It’s not too much to ask, is it?  

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