Look Within, My Friends

It’s easy to point fingers while telling others what they need to change, but little good does that do for your credibility if you are not making the change yourself. It’s the whole pot calling the kettle black thing.

I did a Google search to see what kind of tools were out there for one to use as a self-assessment. Some surveys were the full-on-research-study-probably-someone’s-dissertation survey while others looked quite simple. Then there were the surveys that you could fill out, but the question was…where are your answers going? I mean, what’s the point if you don’t receive any feedback?

Scouring my library (it’s not exactly the George Peabody Library), I came across a book from my master’s studies. In it was a self-assessment survey that allowed the user to examine both classroom and school-wide practices. I reached out to the author of the book (Carl S. Grant) and he graciously gave me permission to use the survey as part of my blog series.

I created the surveys in two different Google Docs and I challenge you to complete the survey(s) honestly. No one is going to see your answers. In fact, the Google Docs are view only so you’ll have to make your own copy if you want to assess the level of multicultural components within your instructional practices or across your school.

P.S. Speaking of the George Peabody Library, I wanted to share that I totally geeked out there last summer with a friend who is also a doctoral student with me in the program. Below is a picture of us right before we hit the books…

P.S.S. Yes, the library is just as amazing in person.


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