The iPad is Rad!

So…I was anxiously waiting the release of the iPad2 and as soon as it was humanly possible, I got my name on the pre-order list. The overwhelming demand of the iPad (and the fact that I wanted a 64GB model) meant that I had to wait an extra couple of weeks as some of the parts were to come from Japan.

But I’ve had it for about a month now and I LOVE IT! It has revolutionized my ability to connect with everything tech. I mean, I can check my email – personal, professional, and work – while reading the news and catching up with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s absolutely amazing how seamlessly this device has become a daily part of my life!

Now, I’m working my way into taking my “baby” into the classroom. My goal is to immediately record homework grades as I check them off with my students. I’m also excited to take my awesome new toy to meetings because it’s so much lighter and WAY cooler than my new iBook. But I’m a bit hesitant because I know people will want to touch my iPad and truth be told, I don’t want people to touch my stuff.

There are so many positives that it outweighs the little negatives and annoyances that I am sure the developers at Apple will rectify sooner rather than later.

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