Glogging is a Hit!

So my students were officially introduced to Glogster this week and the kids are loving it! By giving them time to simply “play” with the features, I think I was able to hook the students. Now…it remains to be seen if all of my students will be able to create their first glog by Friday…but I am excited with their progress so far.

It’s so funny to see them put their personal touches to their profile on the dashboard. Some of them already changed their profile pictures, while others have utilized the “How are you feeling?” quote bubble. I watched a few students start to fill in some of their personal details, such as music, movies, likes/dislikes.

I’ve said it from Day 1, but I feel like I need to reiterate it again…technology not only has the ability to extend the school day and learning process, but it also enables me to get to know my students better than simply F2F. What more could a teacher want?

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