Venturing into the Unknown

I must be insane.  I plan to introduce my students to Edmodo tomorrow and Glogster the day after.  I’ve been dilly-dallying on the glogster accounts because I didn’t know of an easy way to upload 200 student accounts since it doesn’t allow Mac users to upload using an Excel spreadsheet.  But while playing on Edmodo this evening (I was procrastinating because I have a ton of notebooks to grade) I linked to the Glogster community and found a bunch of posts by teachers.  One of which highlighted the idea of using the teacher code as a faster way for students to create their own accounts which link directly to the teacher account.  Can you say AWESOME?!?!  I love that there are companies out there who are constantly working to make their product user-friendly.

My students are going to be SO stoked to learn two new tech things this week.  We took a long break from using the mobile laptop carts because I had such a headache the last time I used it.  I just hope that our wireless is working tomorrow.  Please, please, please.

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