Building Community with Edmodo

I experimented with Edmodo last semester.  I did my usual, jump in with two feet and I dragged all of my kids in with me.  It was a good way to get to know the various features.  For example, with their glog project, I graded it using a rubric in GoogleDocs and then posted it to their profile in Edmodo.  =)

This semester, I decided to implement Edmodo from the get-go.  All students were required to create a profile with a picture, how they like to learn, and then their career goal.  I gave them a challenge to choose a favorite or meaningful quote.  So many kids took me up on that offer.

But here’s the best part…having just graded 191 profiles, I can truly say that I know sides of my kids that would have never been revealed if I hadn’t asked them to create their profiles.  I told them that I wanted them to build a learning community by working together on Edmodo to ask questions and offer support to each other.  So far…it’s working quite well.

So, kudos Edmodo guys.  Thank you for helping my students and me stay connected long after the bell rings.

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