Love the Word Cloud Apps

I’ve used Wordle for several years now.  I encourage my students to play around with Wordle and their vocabulary terms…they love changing the fonts, colors, and format.

At the CUE to You workshop last week, I was introduced to Tagxedo.  The name sounded familiar.  I probably came across it in some tech article, but I never explored the app until today.

Word cloud…it’s a totally new experience with Tagxedo.  I mean, you can manipulate the shapes!  It’s a game-changer for sure.  In fact, I’m thinking that I’m going to take the history standards for each unit and make a word cloud to introduce students to the important concepts.  One can see from the word cloud included that certain key terms are pretty important in the study of China.  I also made one for the historical analysis skills that I’m going to share with my students as well.  Right now, these word clouds are being relegated to my class website, but I think it’ll be a powerful tool to print these out and put them on the bulletin board as well.  If anything, it’ll give me something to put up on the bulletin board.  With the integration of technology into my curriculum, I’ve lost the student projects that used to adorn my bulletin boards.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bummed about it at all.  I hate doing my bulletin boards.  I could never be an elementary teacher.

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