Bravo, Apple. Bravo.

At a party this weekend, the talk turned tech.  It was a mixture of teachers and people who worked in the private sector.  The majority of us are Mac users.  The latest acquisition for several of us was the Apple TV.  And I jumped off the cliff with both feet and cancelled my cable the moment that Apple TV added Hulu Plus to the mix.

But that’s not the big news.  The big news is that I finally took the plunge and dropped the cash to purchase the 15″ MacBookPro with retina display.  I’ve spent my share of time in various Apple stores asking question after question about the various features of the MacBookPro versus MacBook Air.  I have been using a MacBookPro that I bought back in 2006.  The OS was not powerful enough to handle Lion…so that meant that Mountain Lion was out of the question.  It was like the stars were aligning to tell me that it was time to buy a new Mac.

Back to the party…

One of the couples (both teachers) were talking about the new MacBookPro that they bought just a few days ago.  She mentioned the great deal that Apple was giving educators – besides the usual Education discount, Apple was giving $100 gift card to the App Store and it gave a significant discount for Apple Care.  It was hard to contain my excitement.  All I could think about was getting myself to the Apple Store and the rest would be history.

And it was.

The MacBookPro with retina display is AMAZING!  The clarity of everything is something to behold.  I took a pdf and zoomed in…way in.  And the words were so clear.  No pixelations.  Absolutely beautiful.  And as usual, I’m very happy with my new purchase.  I’ve never been disappointed with anything that I’ve ever bought from Apple.  And this is no exception.

Time to go.  My new MacBookPro is calling.

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