Google+ Hangout

I’m not one for being video-taped.  So the idea of being “live” in a Google+ Hangout is scary for me.  But in playing around with the options, I saw that I could just put a still picture of me as opposed to a live video feed.  Having said that, I do like the idea of seeing other people live during the conversation.

Today was #edcampHOME.  I originally signed up to attend, but I got flustered with trying to figure out how to join the session.  I spent quite a bit of time this morning reading the posts in the edcampHOME 2013 community and I think I now understand how to join the sessions.  Of course, I still have to get over my hang-up about being on live video…so for now, I’m just watching the hangout live on YouTube which is very informative.  It’s nice to see like-minded educators with the same thoughts and concerns. I can see that Google+ Hangout can be a valuable collaborative learning tool especially since everyone in the hangout can video a YouTube video, share screens, send chats, etc.  It’s definitely a different way to collaborate with educators.

I suppose at some point, I’m going to have to get over my trepidation with being on video, but for now, I think I’ll just watch the live hangout.  One baby step at a time.  =)

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