Infographics Tell the Story

In one of the professional development courses I took earlier this year, I was introduced to infographics.  Now as a visual learner, I was very impressed with how this type of media was easy on the eyes while giving pertinent information.  This is definitely something that I think would be useful for the beginning of the year staff meetings (you know, the one where the principal explains the API/AYP scores), department meetings (when analyzing data from formative/summative assessments), AND of course, for students (to demonstrate their learning).  
Each year, I introduce a variety of new technology tools to my students to keep things fresh for me, to keep them current, and of course, to push myself to try something new.  So this year, infographics is on my radar.  Having just watched Despicable Me (yes, I’m a bit behind), I love the following infographic!  What a great way to introduce infographics to my students in a fun way.  =D

A Who

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